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The Offline Arbitrage System Evaluated for The Online Marketer

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In the past three or so years, many online marketers have more and more realized the worth of using offline marketing techniques. You can very proficiently take advantage of direct mail for growing your leads, optins and other distinct uses. You could possibly be surprised to learn how easy it is to produce your own email list. There exists room for just about any kind of budget, but naturally venturing out small will take longer. Offline Arbitrage was designed by Luke Jaten and Ryan Deiss, and they demonstrate how to create your own base of leads using direct mail. We encourage you to avoid feeling intimidated by the words, direct mail, and it truly is something any enthusiastic online marketer can do.

The bulk of the program work occurs in the CDs that consist of the ten teaching modules. Luke and Ryan introduce you to direct mail, given that most online marketers are not really acquainted with it, and then they go deeper into the material. There are particular parts of direct mail that you won’t have to contend with as they have nothing to do with Offline Arbitrage. Or, what you plan to do and what you are marketing. If you have ever been told that direct mail is expensive, that is partly true but is not the complete story.

This is an intriguing approach because you simply drive leads, from lists, to your online squeeze page, and then you can profit from them in a number of distinct ways. Offline Arbitrage takes advantage of the unbelievably huge and vast numbers of people on lead lists. This entire industry is particularly well set up and has been for a lot of decades. Ryan and Luke will walk you through how you can do this approach. This area of marketing is related to others since it is relatively easy to comprehend once you see how it all works. The key of this system entails postcard mailings which are probably the lowest cost form of direct mail.

If you’ve been around a while, then you have certainly seen other programs that use the idea of arbitrage. This is a multi-step strategy in which you purchase names/addresses, and then you mail them a postcard using direct mail. We would always recommend that you do a evaluation mailing to see your final results. The second stage of this process is where your online marketing skills will be able to shine. You simply drive prospects to your squeeze page where you can get their contact details. That part is just like constructing a list on the net which will be familiar territory for you.

Needless to say, what we have discussed so far has been just an introduction. Ryan and Luke will demonstrate you what is essential to know about as it concerns direct mail and how it is done. They will show you how to design your postcards for maximum response. In addition to that, what is significant is you will see how to select the best lists to go along with your industry and offer.

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Direct Market Access – The Best Way to Get Success

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An Overview

The direct market access is an electronic facility. These facilities are basically supplied by the independent firms. These firms basically allow purchasing the side firms in order to get liquidity security. These side firms are the customers of the selling firms. These selling firms are the banks and the brokers that are playing the role of the market makers. The firm that buys would still utilize the infrastructure of the selling firms. However they have full control over the execution of the trade. Direct market access allows the trade at low cost. As the processes are totally electronic so the chances of errors gets negligible. These executions are fast so there is chance for the traders to utilize this opportunity and take advantage of it.

The direct market trading basically enables the traders to trade without the hindrance of any broker. These DMA are used by the investors to enhance the control over the trades. This is just to remove the middle man. However, the middleman is not been eliminated completely as there services are still needed. The very first benefit that DMA provides is that it allows trading within the spread. Generally when the price is quoted by the broker and is placed as 420-425. This means that one can purchase it at 425 but can sell it at 420. This difference of 5 points is known as spread. These DMA help you to deal within these spread to ensure great profits

Advantages Of Direct Market Access

Following are some advantages of the direct market access:

1.Provides Better equality.
2.Enhance visibility.
3.Prioritized the orders in respect to the price and trades.
4.Allows liquidity in central market.
5.Allows you to quote your own price.
6.Tiny Spreads.
7.You can also actively participate in auctions.
8.It also allows the traders to take active part in the post and per market auctions.

These DMA are very beneficial and are of great advantage. These DMA offers transparency in the market. All the trades in the market become quite visible and clear. This means that you can get a straight deal without the involvement of any middleman.

You will be highly benefited by the DMA as they will allow you to view each and every order. This allows you to have a look on every selling and purchasing of the orders. With the help of these DMA you will be able to make a well informed and proper decision.

This was all about the Direct Market Access. Hope that this article would have provided you with all the essentials you needed about the Direct Market Access.

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7 Traits of Super Successful Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

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So here’s how it goes: If you want to be successful, you need to do what successful people are doing. Yep, that’s it. It’s no great secret, yet so many people still don’t seem to get it. Consider success like a recipe; if you follow a recipe step by step, you should get the same result as the person who wrote it.

I have been fortunate enough to spend time with some of the best network marketers in the USA, and I made some very interesting observations about the common traits of these dynamic and successful people.

While this list could easily be 77 or even 177 traits, I wanted to share with you what I discovered to be the highest common factors that made these network marketers so successful. While you will undoubtedly see an improvement in your business (and your life) if you possess even some of these traits, to truly achieve massive success you should work on attaining all of the attributes outlined below:

Integrity. All of the top network marketers have the highest level of absolute integrity, and this one characteristic makes all the other traits possible. Integrity instills trust, and trust builds strong relationships, which are vital to success in network marketing. Integrity can be defined as doing the right thing, even when no-one is watching.

Outstanding Communicators. As a network marketer you are in the business of interacting with people, so it’s no surprise that excellent communications skills are vital to your success. Communication is a two way process and you should master the art of speaking as well as listening. I believe that (really) listening is the single most effective way to build rapport, as you allow the person speaking to feel that they are valued and appreciated.

Visionaries. This is the ability to see things before they happen. Ok, so naturally you don’t need to be able to predict the future, but what you must have is a vision of what you want the future to look like to you. The successful do this through goal setting and visualization exercises. As the leader of a team, you must learn to inspire yourself and the people around you. Your team will value a leader with strong ideas and a clear picture of what’s ahead, who can inspire them with that vision.

Action Takers. The strongest leaders in every organization will always take action and make timely decisions. Right or wrong, they will always move forward rather than hesitating or standing still. No success is ever attained or lessons ever learned by doing nothing.

Positive Attitude. This may be an overused term but the fact remains that a positive attitude can, and will, open new doors for you every day. A negative attitude is so damaging and will severely limit the opportunities available to you. Consider this, nobody enjoys listening to someone who whines about everything and everyone, do they? A positive attitude will open your mind to new ideas and allow you to develop great relationships with positive, action taking people. Many of life’s blessings and the most powerful lessons are usually hiding beneath what we consider to be problems or challenges. A positive attitude will allow you to seek out the blessing in every situation.

Attractive to Others. No, I’m not suggesting that you need to look like a supermodel. This is about what and who you attract into your life. A great network marketer is the kind of person that other people genuinely enjoy being around. They are likeable, humble and are team players. It all comes back to the ability to build rapport, which is done by showing a genuine interest in others (remember the tip about really listening).

Self Educators. Successful people take the time to study and learn what is necessary to improve their skills – and they genuinely enjoy the process. They are always open to ideas, suggestions, solutions, new information and change, rather than closed-mindedly believing that they already know everything. The flip side to this is that they also become teachers. They are happy and willing to share the lessons they have learnt in order to grow others. Be hungry for knowledge; read self development books, listen to audio programs, attend seminars and then share all of this with your team to help them grow too.

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Six Sigma For Network Marketing

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What do you do if you are working your business and for some unknown reason not achieving the results you think you should be, or know you can? The problem for many is we don’t have any real problem solving skills to help us establish a practical system for operating our business. Or if we have a system in place, we don’t know how to identify where in our system something may be off track and need adjusting.

Corporate businesses do a pretty decent job in my opinion of taking their best and brightest and sending them out to formulate problem solving methodologies, that can be taught pretty easily, (duplication) and then implemented to help solve a wide array of problems from cutting unnecessary costs to improving and streamlining processes, to increase profitability.

Unfortunately, they do a pretty bad job (generally speaking) of sticking with one tool or program long enough to reap the benefits. Companies like people, have short attention spans and are eager to move on to the newest and shiniest fad on the market.

I have been trained in Six Sigma for 8 years now and find that the model is very helpful and can be used in almost any application you can think of. The reason for this is because every conceivable action in your life or work is in the basic sense a process. Anything you do, has process steps involved to achieve the desired outcome. For example, making a pot of coffee- you put a filter in the holder, add a specific amount of coffee, fill the water reservoir, and mash the on button. That is a process.

Six Sigma was designed to look at a process and improve it. There are different Six Sigma models of course. I would like to share with you the D.M.A.I.C. model to help you in your Network Marketing Business. The letters in this model represent the different steps in this problem solving tool.

Let’s say for example, you have been working your business for 1 month now and have only recruited 1 person. You expected to have 3 people in your down line by now.

Phase 1. D=Define. Define your problem statement. In this example, it would look something like this:

In 1 month, I have only recruited 1 person.

Now we must establish a future goal for improvement. Make it realistic. and quantify it.

In March, I will recruit 2 people into my organization.

Phase 2. M=Measure.

Now we must measure as much as possible our previous results up till now. We want as much information as we can get. It would be very helpful if we kept some type of records as to how many people we offered our opportunity to in 1 month that only resulted in 1 new recruit. If not, I recommend you start this practice from now on. This will help you establish a ratio or percent that you can use as a benchmark for future improvement goals. Let’s say for example you spoke to 10 people in 1 month and only got one. That means you only have a 10% success rate for this time period.

Phase 3. A=Analyze. This is the hardest part. Especially if you don’t have some accurate data or stats to go back and look at. Going forward in your business, it would be helpful if you kept some type of log for you to track your daily business activity and the results of those activities.

For example, if you know that you have been devoting approximately 65% of your time focused on recruiting friends and family, 25% of your time placing ads online, and 10% of your time marketing on FB or another Social Network vehicle, now you can quickly identify where your efforts have been directed.

Although it’s a little difficult in this simple example to make all the points that are worth mentioning on this subject, the next step would be to identify what outlet you found your 1 prospect through. If it was on FB, you might want to increase more of your time and efforts toward FB marketing. To find out where to cut some of your time and efforts, you want to probably cut from the vehicle which is sparking the least amount of activity. If you were able to speak to 4 potential prospects through Craig’s List advertising, but were unable to recruit them, you probably want to either increase your efforts in this area or keep it the same for your first try at this. If you couldn’t convince any friends and family to take a look at your opportunity, this is the obvious place to cut your efforts.

Phase 4. I=Improve The improve phase is the organization of the changes you intend to make to improve your outcome. Example would be- Friends and family recruiting- 25%, online advertising- 40%, and Social Networking Marketing- 35%. Based on your business time/effort analyses, this might not be a bad start to making your adjustments. Try this new model of activity for a specified period of time. (1-2 weeks should be sufficient) If things start to improve slightly, you may want to go back and adjust this model again to support your new results. If it gives you your desired outcome. Then you are on to the control phase.

Phase 5 C= Control When you find the appropriate breakdown of your maximum effort efficiency, it is important that you continue to work your business in this model. It is just important to maintain good records and frequently make sure that you aren’t subtly regressing in your desired results. If you decide to try to improve your results, start the process over and monitor and control.

Although this is a very shallow simplistic look at Six Sigma, it is a nice structure to help you keep your business activities and the results you are getting documented and easy to see. It will also help you to develop some good disciplines to help you build your business and reach your goals quicker.

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How To Select And Build A Successful Network Marketing Or MLM Business

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Watkins Incorporated is a network marketing company based in Winona, Minnesota. The company was founded in 1868 by Joseph Ray Watkins. Watkins first product, produced in his kitchen and manufactured at home, was a topical solution used to treat a variety of ailments including muscle ache, body pains, arthritis, gout and rheumatism called Dr. Ward’s liniment. Still produced today and called Watkins Red Liniment, the liniment line has expanced to include white liniment. Both products reduce inflammation, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. Watkins liniment creates a deep penetrating heat that goes through the skin and relaxes muscle tissues, reducing soreness.

The Watkins line of products quickly grew to include Petro-Carbo salve, black pepper and cinnamon. Today the company produces 350 different products used in the home. The complete line of Watkins products now covers organic spices, flavorings, seasonings and extracts used in cooking, home cleaning products that are organic, biodegradable and safe for the environment, weight loss products, nutritional supplements, beauty products, first aid products and more.

Since its beginning, Watkins has relied on direct sales for marketing its products. I grew up in Louisiana on my grandfather’s 32-acre farm, accustomed to monthly visits by our “Watkins man.” My grandfather and parents used Watkins Petro-Carbo salve to treat every scratch, cut, puncture wound or burn experienced in our family.

Watkins Petro Carbo salve was truly a miracle ointment as far as my family was concerned, for accidents were always taking place on the farm. I can recall getting small wooden splinters in hands or feet that we couldn’t remove or would break off when we tried to pull them out with tweezers. My grandfather would say, “Dress that with Petro Carbo salve and it’ll pull that splinter out in a few days.” And guess what? His advice and predictions almost always came true. Although we used Petro Carbo salve religiously and often, there were many Watkins products we used and continue to use. Red liniment, for example, has been in the medicine cabinet of my family members for over 60 years.

I have purposely shared this personal story with you to demonstrate the value of Watkins products and what users of Watkins products think about them. All Watkins products are produced with the utmost care and attention to quality. For example, when Watkins decided to produce a line of nutritional supplements it made a decision that it produce them under the strictest guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Every supplement that Watkins produces is U.S. FDA approved. Watkins is only one of 99 companies in America with a FDA license. Countless network marketing companies that produce and sell nutritional supplements are not FDA approved. This speaks highly of Watkins management.

Speaking of management, in 1978 Watkins was acquired by Minneapolis businessman and billionaire Irwin Jacobs. Under Mr. Jacobs management Watkins quadrupled its sales between 1978 and 1990. Since then the company has continued to excel at a rapid pace. Today Watkins operates in the U.S., Canada and China and has co-branding and marketing agreements with companies designed to increase brand awareness to make marketing of its products even easier by its sales force of 50,000 Watkins associates like myself.

In the 1970′s I had my first taste of network marketing. For legal reasons I will not mention the company’s name. I was sponsored by a friend I respected and trusted. I quickly set some sales records but decided to quit within months because I simply didn’t like the hype and ra-ra mentality demonstrated by every successful marketer I met in this company. Although I did like and used the company’s products, I was really put off by the high-pressure sales tactics I saw successful reps practicing and the recruiting methods the company recommended.

Despite my solid belief in the network marketing business model, the experience of that first venture into network marketing was so distasteful I turned down anyone that every tried to recruit me to join another network marketing company for 33 years. That’s a very long time, but when you consider the fact that most people tell me I’m the greatest marketer and salesman they’ve ever met, you can imagine how many times I’ve had to say “no” to people wanting to recruit me into network marketing.

So what led me to Watkins? Strangely enough I wasn’t led, but I chose my path to Watkins. Looking for a new adventure and something to do after I retire one day, I decided to spend 6 months researching numerous business opportunities. My criteria were simple:

  • I wanted an established company that made fantastic products I could believe in. For, if you don’t believe in what you’re selling, an honest and caring individual will not be successful in selling the products they represent.
  • I wanted a company that had a solid, trusting and caring management team. I wanted a company that not only I, but my customers would consider to be ethical. Irwin Jacobs and his son Mark passed this test with flying colors because they take into consideration the lives, families and financial future of their associates in every decision they make regarding their product line, their compensation plan and their marketing methods.
  • I sought a company with an impeccable reputation when standing behind is products. Since Mr. J.R. Watkins is given credit for having invented the name infamous “moneyback guarantee,” and Watkins continues to offer a moneyback guarantee on each and every one of its 350 products, Watkins policies in this area surpassed my greatest expectations. In fact, Watkins not only offers a moneyback guarantee on its products, but also on its sales kit for new associates. That’s right, if you join Watkins and find it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return your sales kit to Watkins for a refund of your money. I honestly don’t know of another network marketing company that makes such an offer.
  • I wanted a company with a broad line of consumable products that are not only used regularly by my customers, but will be preferred over competitive products to the degree that my customers would call me before they opt to buy a competitive brand in their local grocery or department store. I read countless documents during my research on Watkins to confirm that the company uses the purest and freshest ingredients known to man. For example, since its founding Watkins has gone to the four corners of the earth in search of cinnamon, pepper and spices to get the very best quality and grade of product from countries like Indonesia, India, Colombia, etc. In short, Watkins passed this test with an A+ in my book.
  • I wanted a company that had an excellent compensation plan and a realistic chance of making a six-figure income within 3 to 4 years. Watkins associates start with a 25% commission on all personal sales they make and can earn up to 39% in commissions as their business and downline grows. If you stop and think about it, there are numerous businesses in the world that don’t gross 25% to 39% profit. Knowing that for as little as $39.95 I could start my own home-based business and earn up to 39% if I’m successful was more than I had hoped for or could have dreamed.
  • Now here’s the tricky one. I was searching for a company that could offer all of these things and more but had not saturated the market. After all, how difficult would it be to sell a company’s products if every time you turned around you were bumping into another company representative. After thinking about Watkins I realized that in the 24 years I’ve lived in Houston I’ve never had a Watkins representative approach me. I’ve always ordered Watkins products through my mother and father’s Watkins associate. I thought about this some more and realized that 50,000 Watkins associates in Canada and the U.S. equate to roughly 0.0149% of the total population. Stated in terms easier to understand, there is approximately 1.5 Watkins associates for every 10,000 inhabitants in North America. That was proof enough, a true confirmation that there is lots of fertile sales ground to plow for me and every associate I recruit.
  • I sought a company that did not believe in high-pressure sales tactics, or result ot ra-ra overhyped recruiting tactics when sponsoring new associates. And this, my friends, is the true beauty of Watkins. The company doesn’t condone these practices either. In fact, my upline sponsors have made a point of recommending that when recruiting new members to emphasize that while Watkins is a great way to earn income, it is not a “get rich quick” opportunity.

This not only sums up my reasons for joining Watkins, but also demonstrates why Watkins is one of the most successful network marketing businesses of all time. Because the company has been around so long and so many young people these days want to “get rich quick” — they frequently make the mistake of choosing “the next new thing” or fad, only to find themselves the victim of another bankrupt network marketing company that can’t fulfill their promises. If only I had been smart enough to have joined Watkins when I was in my 20′s. I consider my failure to do so the “mistake of a lifetime.” My advice to young people wanting to own their own business and build a six-figure income in 3 to 4 years, starting parttime in the process, is to consider a Watkins business. I honestly believe that the Watkins opportunity has never been better, never been more grand. There’s great things happening with Watkins, I encourage you to be a part of it. For more information, visit my Watkins Summit Group link below.

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Advanced Direct Mail Marketing Tips

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Are you looking for advanced direct mail techniques that you can use to make money on your next campaign? If so then this article is for you. Inside of this article you will learn advanced direct mail techniques that you can definitely bank on for making money with your next outing. I have a lot of experience when it comes to advanced direct mail strategies so you can lay rest assured that they will work for you too.

The first advanced direct mail tip that I can offer you is to have a strong sales letter. Without a good sales letter, it’s tough to convey your message and get people to buy. And that’s what you want right? For people to buy? So how do you expect to do such a thing if your sales letter isn’t strong enough.

You will want to study up on good sales letters so that you can emulate them for success. Study copywriting techniques and how to write a good sales letter because getting sales via direct mail is tough to do without a strong sales letter. I would know. I used to run extensive direct mail campaigns and my best results came when I had sales letters that were designed to sell.

Another tip that I would like to share with you is to select a good list. You have to be careful when selecting a mailing list because one small factor can make or break your success. Usually the best lists come from when you get really specific with what you want. If you wanted to get a specific list, you will more than likely have to pay extra for every little additional feature that you desire – but more often than not this is a good thing.

I have heard of marketers spending tons of money on lists and coming back with returns such as $10 for every dollar invested in marketing. With results like these, it’s easy to see why paying through the nose for a list is a good thing to do. Having a good list is essential to your success.

To find a good mailing list, you will want to begin your research with something called the SRDS. The SRDS is a huge 4-inch thick book that contains nothing except profitable mailing list. The kinds of mailing lists found in this book are called “direct response lists” – because they took some kind of action in the form of buying a product or requesting more information. You can find the SRDS at your local library, and it’s free to get.

All of these advanced direct mail tips should be considered before you start your next campaign. Hopefully you will use the tips in this article to have success with your project.

Good luck with using these advanced direct mail tips to have success.

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Using Demographic Data For Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

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Targeting high potential markets with a direct mail marketing campaign can be a very affordable and efficient way to get new customers for most companies and entrepreneurs but how can you find a way to reach those high potential markets? Using demographic data could be your solution.

In the United States, demographic data is easy to get through the US Census Bureau website. Although, understanding how to extract data from a database and segment markets in a way to identify which market would be your best target for a direct mail marketing campaign requires great knowledge of census data and market segmentation techniques. Acquiring this knowledge takes time and hiring a full time employee that is expert in market segmentation can be costly. Since the whole purpose of using demographic data for your direct mail marketing campaign is to save money and increase benefits, buying mailing lists or a market segmentation system might be the smart choice.

When purchasing a mailing list, it is important to learn about its selection process. Do you want a business list or a residential list? Do you want to target markets with a household average of 40 years old or would you rather target markets with a younger population? Demographic data used to build a mailing list can make a huge difference on your return on investment. Imagine having an online casino and then get a list of zip codes in which a very high percentage of people recently visited a casino and purchased online with their credit card, have a high income, no kids, etc. That would make people living in those zip codes very high potential clients for your online casino right? Can you imagine using such demographic data in your advantage for a direct mail marketing campaign!

Sounds good? As mentioned before, buying mailing lists or a market segmentation system based on demographic data for your direct mail marketing campaign is cheaper than hiring a full time employee specialized in market segmentation or direct mail marketing but it’s still an important investment that requires some research. Many companies are offering such mailing lists, market segmentation systems, specific industry solutions and direct mail marketing solutions. It’s now up to you to find the right data provider for your business and achieve successful direct mail marketing campaign using demographic data!

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China Bolsters Copper Market

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The United States is crawling into 2014 with the Federal Reserve Board doing everything it can to stave off deflation. Years of zero percent interest rate policies along with the current $85 billion per month in stimulus have failed to generate inflation in anything but the stock market. This leaves GDP well below 2% and unemployment remains stubbornly high. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank just cut their rates in half, now at a.25%, to spur any kind of economic growth of their own. Typically, two thirds of the world, North America and Europe mired in economic doldrums would lead to a generally soft commodity outlook. However, China’s growth continues to be the real story and this is best explained by the inner workings of the copper market.

China’s growth rate continues to exceed 7.5% and is expected to register a third consecutive quarter of growth, which may top 8% for Q4. The vast majority of this growth is in building. Industrial infrastructure and residential construction continue to boom. China’s arcane domestic investment laws are partly to blame for this as their residents have very few open channels of investment other than real estate. Further muddying the waters is their version of the loan qualification process, which now accepts hard assets, like copper as collateral. This has put China in the top spot in global copper consumption. In fact, they consume approximately 40% of the world’s copper shipments.

We often refer to copper as, “the economist of the metals market.” The logic follows the line of copper as a base need for economic expansion, which we view as building stuff – houses, electronics, buildings, cars, etc. It appears that the Chinese growth story is bigger than old world economic malaise. The copper market has seen renewed interest in commercial buying since Bernanke’s tapering talk in August signaled an, “everybody out of the pool,” moment. In fact, cash copper prices are trading above the copper future’s price and copper miners are negotiating just how high they’re going to set their premiums for 2014.

The current spot premium is around $.05 – $.07 per pound which reflects the highest premium since the collapse of ’08. The surge in demand is prompting premium increases of 50% and higher as producers negotiate with Europe, Asia and America. Codelco, the world’s largest copper producer has announced plans to raise Chinese premiums by 41%. There are similar increases of 50% for the U.S. and up to 75% for the European Union. These price rises come in the face of an expected surplus of 200, 000 tons (less than 2% of total market) after experiencing a three-year supply deficit. In spite of the projected surplus, Codelco has openly admitted that they’ve hedged none of their forward production.

Commercial traders in the copper market were what tipped me off to the market’s increasingly bullish outlook. I was so busy looking at our domestic economy that I didn’t see the rebound in their buying after initial talk of tapering, which pointed to slowing growth and declining demand created the bearish scenario I outlined in Augusts’, “Copper Points to Slowing Economy.” Clearly, the cash market premiums are leading end line users to hedge their future needs through the purchase of forward copper futures contracts.

The largest net long position I can find for commercial traders in the copper market is near 40,000 contracts. This was made during the July sell-off. Previously, the largest net long commercial position I could find was in February of 2009 when copper was trading at $1.75 per pound and we were coming out of the major market crash. What the market is seeing now is a greater willingness to own copper at much higher prices. This buying support is putting a floor in the market around the $3 per pound level and is prolonging the sideways market direction that has persisted throughout the year. The longer this occurs, the closer we are to breaching the downward sloping trend line that originated at the 2011 highs around $4.80 and now comes into play around $3.36 per pound. Obviously, a move above this would confirm the move for 2014.

We see two potential concerns in this 2014 scenario. First of all, China has always been an opaque marketplace where the economic statistics produced by the government must always be taken with a grain of salt. There is talk that end line demand is nowhere near as strong as Chinese imports suggest. However, for our purposes, it is pretty irrelevant if China is using their copper imports or, storing them. Either way, supplies are being taken off the market. Secondly, much of the mining that’s counted in moving us to surplus is in new mines whose production is only estimated. Therefore, their production numbers aren’t yet solidified. Finally, all things considered, copper may be one of the best physical assets to own as we approach 2014.

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How to Market My Virtual Assistant Business Online

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There has never been a better time to be a virtual assistant, mainly due to the advent of the Internet. Gone are the old days where you are limited to the number of clients you could have based on how many business cards you can physically give out.

You now have the whole world at your disposal, literally speaking! Your new task is to learn how to reach them to get more business than you can personally handle. You would need a little education in marketing, direct marketing online to be precise. Direct marketing is the ability to reach customers without a middleman involved. And that’s exactly why the Internet is godsend for your virtual assistant business online.

The first step is to identify your audience, now I know you might be saying; “I know who my audience is, but do you really know these group of people. Where do most of them work, where and what do they read online, what are their hobbies, what is their average age and income? Knowing specific answers to each of these questions will increase your business by leaps and bounds.

Why? Because you will know exactly where to go to “pickup” these customers, you would have a gut feeling about a banner ad on a particular site because you know that your audience frequents that site. Your will be able to laser target Google pay per click keywords because you know they are being typed by the prospects that needs your product or service the most.

This is an insight as to how a successful Internet marketer thinks and I want you to be one as well.

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What is Network Marketing and Direct Sales?

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Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Direct Sales, and Distributor Networks are all more or less the same thing. You will see me use all of these terms, but understand that I am talking about the same thing. The only difference with MLM is that not all direct sales or network marketing companies have multi-level commission structures, but most do which is why these terms are used interchangeably.

Network Marketing/Direct Sales is a business-distribution model that allows a company to sell its products and services directly to consumers away from a retail location by means of person to person networking.

Network marketing offers the opportunity for anyone to operate their own business. It is a system of selling in which you sign up other people to assist you, and they, in turn, recruit others to help them. The root of network marketing success is the sponsoring of new people into the business, much in the same way sales agents find new retailers to handle their products.

Network marketers do not work for the companies they represent, but they are network marketing distributors, independent representatives, independent business owners, independent sales associates, independent agents, etc. (their title depends on the company) of that company.

Network marketing distributors develop their organizations by building an active customer base who buy directly from the parent company, and by recruiting a downline of independent distributors who also build a customer base, thereby expanding the overall organization.

Network marketing distributors earn a commission based on the sales efforts of their organization (aka “downline”) and their own personal sales. Earning money with a network marketing business is similar to how a franchise works – royalties are paid from the sales of individual franchise owners to the franchisor; but with network there can be multiple levels of people receiving royalties from one person’s (distributor) sales.

The concept of network marketing has been around for over fifty years. There are many excellent companies distributing many excellent products through direct sales and multi- level distributor structures, but just as in any thing, there are good ones and bad ones too.

There are hundreds of successful network marketing companies, but some examples of well known companies are: Amyway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Avon, and Pre-paid Legal.

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