7 Traits of Super Successful Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

So here’s how it goes: If you want to be successful, you need to do what successful people are doing. Yep, that’s it. It’s no great secret, yet so many people still don’t seem to get it. Consider success like a recipe; if you follow a recipe step by step, you should get the same result as the person who wrote it.

I have been fortunate enough to spend time with some of the best network marketers in the USA, and I made some very interesting observations about the common traits of these dynamic and successful people.

While this list could easily be 77 or even 177 traits, I wanted to share with you what I discovered to be the highest common factors that made these network marketers so successful. While you will undoubtedly see an improvement in your business (and your life) if you possess even some of these traits, to truly achieve massive success you should work on attaining all of the attributes outlined below:

Integrity. All of the top network marketers have the highest level of absolute integrity, and this one characteristic makes all the other traits possible. Integrity instills trust, and trust builds strong relationships, which are vital to success in network marketing. Integrity can be defined as doing the right thing, even when no-one is watching.

Outstanding Communicators. As a network marketer you are in the business of interacting with people, so it’s no surprise that excellent communications skills are vital to your success. Communication is a two way process and you should master the art of speaking as well as listening. I believe that (really) listening is the single most effective way to build rapport, as you allow the person speaking to feel that they are valued and appreciated.

Visionaries. This is the ability to see things before they happen. Ok, so naturally you don’t need to be able to predict the future, but what you must have is a vision of what you want the future to look like to you. The successful do this through goal setting and visualization exercises. As the leader of a team, you must learn to inspire yourself and the people around you. Your team will value a leader with strong ideas and a clear picture of what’s ahead, who can inspire them with that vision.

Action Takers. The strongest leaders in every organization will always take action and make timely decisions. Right or wrong, they will always move forward rather than hesitating or standing still. No success is ever attained or lessons ever learned by doing nothing.

Positive Attitude. This may be an overused term but the fact remains that a positive attitude can, and will, open new doors for you every day. A negative attitude is so damaging and will severely limit the opportunities available to you. Consider this, nobody enjoys listening to someone who whines about everything and everyone, do they? A positive attitude will open your mind to new ideas and allow you to develop great relationships with positive, action taking people. Many of life’s blessings and the most powerful lessons are usually hiding beneath what we consider to be problems or challenges. A positive attitude will allow you to seek out the blessing in every situation.

Attractive to Others. No, I’m not suggesting that you need to look like a supermodel. This is about what and who you attract into your life. A great network marketer is the kind of person that other people genuinely enjoy being around. They are likeable, humble and are team players. It all comes back to the ability to build rapport, which is done by showing a genuine interest in others (remember the tip about really listening).

Self Educators. Successful people take the time to study and learn what is necessary to improve their skills – and they genuinely enjoy the process. They are always open to ideas, suggestions, solutions, new information and change, rather than closed-mindedly believing that they already know everything. The flip side to this is that they also become teachers. They are happy and willing to share the lessons they have learnt in order to grow others. Be hungry for knowledge; read self development books, listen to audio programs, attend seminars and then share all of this with your team to help them grow too.

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