Grow Your Network Marketing / MLM Downline The Smart Way and Have More Fun

Stop Wasting Your Time Approaching Disinterested People

No matter how warm your market is, it does not mean that they have any personal interest in your products, service or opportunity at this time. The fact that you have known them for years only means that 1) they would like to see you succeed, and 2) they might be a little more patient with you since they know you are new to this business. So why do so many sales industries, e.g. insurance, cars, and network marketing / MLM, start you off with calling on friends and family?

The Traditional Network Marketing / MLM Approach Is Great For Starters

The traditional network marketing / MLM approach starts with friends & family because it makes sense to start there. It is a great way to learn the business, your products, the process of presenting, answering objections and enrolling people. However, as a person attempting to make serious money in your network marketing business, you want the best return on your investment of time and money. You only have so many friends and family – then what? Strangers! Disinterested Strangers! Is it really any surprise that most multi-level marketers burn-out at this point. The people whose deep down motivation or “WHY” is strong enough to handle the rejection succeed and make tons of money.

The Alternative: Speak To The Interested, Active Buyers Out There

Obviously, speaking to people who already have an expressed interest in what you have to offer is a better use of your resources. But, you are not a mind-reader, so how do you know who is interested in what you have to offer? Their actions will tell you. There are people online, right now, searching for exactly what you can give them. They are searching for exactly what THEY want. The search engines are telling them who has it. Internet marketing is the ability to discover where your specific audience is online. Once you know where they are being sent online who can place your targeted message in front of them.

Targeted Messages In Front Of Network Marketing Targeted Audiences

If you are selling coffee or legal services or phone systems or beauty aids, etc., then you can get directly in front of those specific audiences. Put a Targeted (product-specific) message in front of that Target Buyer and many of these people will opt-in to your message and be in your inbox asking you to contact them for more information. Now you are able to pick up the phone and call active, interested buyers and present our products, services and opportunity directly to them. Could you ask for a better audience? This is internet marketing or internet lead generation. This is how you build a downline quickly. This is how you run a global, home-based business. Contact me and make your business more successful and enjoyable.

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