Insurance Email Marketing As Part of Your Sales Arsenal

Insurance agencies in their efforts to contact clients and create new sources for business regularly rely on different kinds of communication, including the phone and use of the Internet (Facebook, LinkedIn). Furthermore, in order to be effective, agents need to be sure they’re making the very best use of each type of communication provided to them, including:

Building a dynamic, agency website that promotes a call to action
Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising
Online podcasts, and
Online yellow pages
Moreover, insurance email marketing added to their arsenal of sales and communication opens up another way to touch base with their existing clients, follow up with leads, and cross sell or up-sell. In fact, most people prefer email as a form of communication: it’s simple, effective, gets directly to the point, and can be useful for a lot of different things all at once. But, there are a couple vital things to be aware of when using email for an insurance agency, especially for those that may be new to the business.

It’s still important to use proper etiquette, and when it comes to insurance, an agent has to be particularly careful with the way in which he or she communicates with clients. Since insurance is not a service or product sold that immediately delivers tangible results, it is important to add a personal level to emails instead of just presenting sterile insurance information without much need for thought.

For instance, in order to optimize emailing as a marketing tool when emailing one of those possible leads, don’t send them an uninteresting e-mail with coverage details, premium amount, and how they can finalize their purchase. Remain human during this interaction while still minding the guidelines of Internet etiquette. Basically, try to personalize the emails, because doing so will put customers at ease, and it will also open up another door of communication that the consumer should feel at ease with, and they will appreciate this.

By learning to incorporate successful email communication as a marketing tool, the company will likely gain sales and retention, and small things like this could also lead directly to other benefits, like getting customers to enroll for email lists, newsletters, or to email their agent directly with a query or policy change.

To run a successful agency, there is a need to confirm satisfaction with the services provided and also have every possible door open to customers. Insurance email marketing is the one thing that may be used in a variety of ways, and can be an additional door for both new, and existing customers, to use.

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