Measuring Your Word of Mouth Marketing Is a Must

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Marketing to the vast audience available within the online world provides plenty of opportunity to gain visibility. Are you getting the optimal attention? This is an important question that you must ask yourself even if you believe that you are achieving interaction.

All social marketers have their own unique strategies (you have a few elements you’ve compiled to individualize your brand). These strategies must provide a profit for them to be viable. If they don’t, you’re just splashing water instead of swimming. This means that measuring your word of mouth marketing effectiveness is a must in order to generate an online presence that proves its worth and benefits your brand.

Word of Mouth Marketing Assessment: Questions You Should Ask

1. How effective is your strategy?

There are numerous elements to a strategy, such as content, promoting that content, and the level of interaction that you partake in. In order to calculate how effective your approach is, you need to analyze what’s taking place in your online network.

Direct traffic is your first stop. Most social and content marketing will result in navigation to your site, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that others are getting the message. Remember that sharing your brand is up to your audience members. What mediums are you using that allow content to be shared when the audience navigates to your site? Many Facebook apps allow status updates (your friend recently read an article). Be sure that you incorporate apps to allow for indirect third-party sharing in order to get the most benefit from direct traffic.

2. What do your analytic tools tell you?

There is an efficient way, and less efficient ways, to accomplish tasks just like with any other technique. How do you analyze your technique though? This should be done by weighing how much effort (time and money) you invest, and reward you receive.

In this case, analytic tools become a great asset. When you posted your content, was there a rise in visibility? Did the audience interact with you? Most importantly, did they share your material? Does your content reach beyond just your audience and out into a wider network?

At the end of the day, if you are spending time promoting and producing content that is not reaching the audience, you’re not actually producing ideal results. In fact, you may be costing yourself valuable time. The best thing you can do is to learn from what doesn’t work and use that information to tune into what does work.

3. Does your effort actually create a profit?

This is the basic principle of effort vs. reward. Remember that time is money, as well. Are you spending it appropriately? Activity does not equal productivity, which is where many online marketing strategies tend to go wrong. Just because you’re promoting an online presence does not mean that it is reaching the audience effectively or that they are sharing the material.

Start by calculating what effort you are putting into your strategy. Are you promoting effectively? Are you interacting with social? Blogs, social media, and video all cost time. Keep track of how much time you’re investing into these applications.

Compare the previous few days, and the following few days (remember that content marketing is long-term), once you post them to get the best data. Is there a quick spike in sharing? How much time does it take to reach the audience? If you’re linking a blog or video to social, it won’t remain active on feeds very long, so if you’re not getting links or shares in this manner, it could be the result of not just your content but your approach, as well. Remember that promoting your content through links is part of your strategy. The link can’t necessarily speak for itself, so you need to construct attractive material (a quote or reference) that draws the audience.

One of the first things to focus on when trying to stimulate sharing is that you have to be the first one to share.

What you share and how you share it will affect how eagerly your audience shares it with their own network. Using your online tools effectively is essential for success. Social networks aren’t all the same, each requiring that you adapt your content differently. While the audience might find the content relevant, it doesn’t mean that your approach is working.

The benefits that you get from your word of mouth marketing are direct results of your content marketing strategy. This fact stresses the importance of creating content that is shareable and attractive to the audience. And in this case, measuring your word of mouth marketing is a must.

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Insurance Email Marketing As Part of Your Sales Arsenal

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Insurance agencies in their efforts to contact clients and create new sources for business regularly rely on different kinds of communication, including the phone and use of the Internet (Facebook, LinkedIn). Furthermore, in order to be effective, agents need to be sure they’re making the very best use of each type of communication provided to them, including:

Building a dynamic, agency website that promotes a call to action
Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising
Online podcasts, and
Online yellow pages
Moreover, insurance email marketing added to their arsenal of sales and communication opens up another way to touch base with their existing clients, follow up with leads, and cross sell or up-sell. In fact, most people prefer email as a form of communication: it’s simple, effective, gets directly to the point, and can be useful for a lot of different things all at once. But, there are a couple vital things to be aware of when using email for an insurance agency, especially for those that may be new to the business.

It’s still important to use proper etiquette, and when it comes to insurance, an agent has to be particularly careful with the way in which he or she communicates with clients. Since insurance is not a service or product sold that immediately delivers tangible results, it is important to add a personal level to emails instead of just presenting sterile insurance information without much need for thought.

For instance, in order to optimize emailing as a marketing tool when emailing one of those possible leads, don’t send them an uninteresting e-mail with coverage details, premium amount, and how they can finalize their purchase. Remain human during this interaction while still minding the guidelines of Internet etiquette. Basically, try to personalize the emails, because doing so will put customers at ease, and it will also open up another door of communication that the consumer should feel at ease with, and they will appreciate this.

By learning to incorporate successful email communication as a marketing tool, the company will likely gain sales and retention, and small things like this could also lead directly to other benefits, like getting customers to enroll for email lists, newsletters, or to email their agent directly with a query or policy change.

To run a successful agency, there is a need to confirm satisfaction with the services provided and also have every possible door open to customers. Insurance email marketing is the one thing that may be used in a variety of ways, and can be an additional door for both new, and existing customers, to use.

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The Recipe For A Successful Online Marketing Strategy

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Most successful affiliate marketers will tell you that aggressive marketing is the best type of marketing.

This is part of the ingredients to a successful online marketing strategy.

You have to be willing to get your product out to as many people as possible, with as many available types as possible.

At all times, you should be using at least 4 advertising methods to get your product out.

This can come in the form of pay per clicks, writing to article directories, putting ads out in ezines, doing co-registrations, posting in forums, and whatever you can get your hands on.

However, a profitable marketing strategy isn’t only about getting to as many people as possible.

Part of what an aggressive marketing strategy does is it pre-qualifies people before they even get to you!

Just by the sheer amount of material about you and your product that is made available online, people become already aware of who you are and your product. By the time they actually make contact with you, you won’t have to do as much “pre-selling.” They already know who you are, so they are already more receptive to you.

Having many venues for traffic helps you to not only increase your traffic, but helps you to direct your traffic, which helps your profitability.

Let me give you examples.

1. You submit numerous articles out to the major article directories. Your articles get picked up by website and mailing list owners, and readers of these places get directed to your landing page and become your subscribers. You can then continue to follow up with these people, sending them to your blog for more articles. This creates more opportunities for “pre-selling,” which makes them more receptive to you.

2. You run pay per click campaigns, and you entice subscribers with bonuses and other free material. Maybe you give a special report, similar to what I do. Then you send them back to your blog for more articles and “pre-selling” opportunities.

3. Let’s say people are on your mailing list, and you follow up by directing them to another landing page with another special report. This special report is set up to be given away for free, so now you have a viral source to spread your advertising!

Viral advertising is a very powerful form of advertising. What it is, is when you have other people do your advertising, but cost free! So in the case of the free report, you give this to others as a bonus for being a subscriber. As an added incentive, you let them distribute this report to their own list, bringing added value to this report. They distribute the report, and at the same time, they do free advertising for you (because your website link is somewhere in the report, or as an alternative, they distribute the e-book by using a link, that is essentially a link to your launch page!)

By being able to direct your traffic, you can “pre-sell” people like crazy, which increases people’s receptiveness to you. Directing traffic can also set up your other free advertising methods, like viral books!

To your success!


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E-mail Marketing – A Cost Effective Way to Promote Every Business

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With the current advance technological environment, core competition between businesses is getting stiffer. Marketers must use every possible marketing methods and tools readily accessible to be able to reach their target market and eventually gain sales. One of the existing methods that can be used freely or at a minimal cost is e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is basically described as the sending of a marketing letter, proposal, an offer or any advertisement directly to the client via electronic mail or e-mail.

There are lot of benefits that a business could derive in implementing an e-mail marketing campaign. It may aid in the acquisition of new potential clients for your products or services, it may also be the communication tool to retain good clients, as well as a cheaper method of advertising. When discussing e-mail marketing, there are basically three types that can be considered; the Direct Mailers, the Retention Mailers, and the Placement Ads Mailers.

Direct mailers is the most basic and popular type of e-mail marketing, the business sends out promotional letters via e-mail directly to the addresses of its targeted customer email list. The list of potential clients may either come from the businesses client directory or can be taken from service companies. Certain service companies offer list of e-mail addresses of individuals either for sale or for rent. Retention Mailers are much more detailed than the Direct Mailers. Retention mailers does not only convey a particular promo or ad but are generally used to retain loyalty of the existing clients. The messages in retention mailers are generally geared towards attaining a positive action from the client, which is either to buy or inquire. Retention mailers detail out information regarding the business, its products, or services and the potential benefits that it may give to the client. These types of mailers are generally sent on a regular basis. Lastly, placement ad mailers generally would entail placing your business ads onto another companies e-mail marketing campaign for just a minimal fee.

The foremost consideration is the proper timing in sending out business mailers. At times, consideration of every clients situation is a must, thus, sending out relevant promotional e-mails at appropriate times may reap out positive results. For example, you may consider sending promotional e-mails during holidays and other occasions. During these times, people have generally more time to read out e-mails and possibly more time to act to it. Frequency in the delivery of e-mails to clients is the next factor. Every email marketing campaign should always observe proper sending intervals. You do not want to bombard your client with numerous promotional e-mails day after day so try to avoid spamming them.

Business mailers should always develop a more personal approach in conveying their message towards every client. Use of personal salutations and greetings is of help for this method. To capture attention and entice clients, mailers should include relevant graphics. Finally, allow easy subscription and un-subscription of your mailers. Those above-mentioned marketing methods should be helpful in your business promotion but nonetheless, e-mail marketing is just the preliminary step in maintaining an excellent customer relationship.

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Direct Opt In Email Marketing Can Replace All SEO Efforts

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Direct opt in email marketing is so powerful that some webmasters have totally ignored all SEO marketing efforts and concentrated all their efforts on email instead with admirable results.

There are actually multi-million dollar online enterprises like Agora Publishing that have relied entirely on direct opt in email marketing to generate loads of traffic and to build up their substantial business.

One of the major attractions of direct opt in email marketing is the fact that the impact and results of your marketing effort are virtually instant. When this benefit is combined with careful perpetual testing, then a webmaster or blog site owner finds themselves with a very powerful tool in their hands. From a cold start one can launch a marketing strategy and test and perfect it for maximum results within a very short space of time.

While another webmaster is patiently waiting to see the impact of their SEO efforts, the one using direct opt in email marketing will already be enjoying the fruits of their efforts and will already be seeing an increase of traffic to their site in leaps and bounds.

And what many webmasters like best is that they no longer have to be at the mercy of the whims and potentially devastating decisions of leading search engines that usually see some sites losing all their search engine generated traffic virtually overnight.

Direct opt in email marketing has the potential to pay big and to pay fast.

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Starting an On-Line Business – The Importance of Market Intelligence

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As with any business venture, it is important to consider the importance of market intelligence when starting a new on-line business.

So what do we mean by market intelligence? It simply means being aware of what the market is doing currently. If we want to be close to the market, we need to fully understand it, including the role that our competitors and customers play.

With regard to our potential customers, it is a matter of asking the question; “What is the customer looking for?” That is the key component of any market intelligence. In order for us to succeed in an on-line business, we need to carry out research on this subject to enable us to see the opportunities that might exist.

We also need to ask; “What is happening currently in the market place? What major shifts are taking place? What are the trends?” As someone said; “In business, a trend is our friend”, and so we need to be aware of current trends.

For example, an obvious major trend is the increasing use of the internet. It is estimated that globally there are currently 1.5 Billion internet users, with 1 million new internet users coming on-line every day. This obviously presents a huge and growing potential market for our products and services.

Another trend is the shift towards the direct sales of products and services. It estimated that globally there are currently 70 million people starting a direct sales business every day. This is largely due to the huge number of lay-offs in the labor market in the last two years as most industrialized countries are currently experiencing unemployment in the range of 7 – 10 %. Many of these people are blue-collar workers and skilled professionals who have been forced into creating their own employment. A number of these are starting up a direct sales business for the first time.

If you combine these two trends: The increasing use of the internet and the increasing number of people involved in direct sales, you will come to realize that the big shift in business today is the increasing number of people who are starting a direct sales business using the internet. This may be part or full-time, and what we also find is that most of these people are operating these new businesses from home (here is another trend).

The statistics however are not promising for people who are new entrants to internet marketing – the fact is that 97% of internet marketers don’t make money! So this throws up another thing that we need to consider. There is a huge need for training and education in internet marketing to ensure that people do not fail. This can be seen as a huge opportunity – the large number of people who are new to internet marketing who need help and support.

This presents one of the greatest business opportunities of our time. Are you willing to capitalize on this opportunity? Conversely if you are one of those needing help and support? In either case you can click on to the attached link.

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Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Auto Detailing Companies

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Do you own an auto detailing shop or aftermarket auto accessories business? Are you looking to fill your shop up or add an additional bay? Are you looking for ways to increase business and get new high paying clientele and potential customers? Are you looking to expand your business and customer base? Do you have a marketing strategy and have you considered what type of advertising you are currently using and if it is working for you?

May I recommend direct mail and direct mail marketing advertising for auto detailing companies and aftermarket auto accessory businesses? The reason I recommend this is for many years I ran a company called; The Detail Guys. We found that when we wished to open a new auto detailing shop or expand an existing detailing shop that direct-mail and direct-mail marketing coupon packages worked extremely well for our company.

What we did is offer discounts to new customers and we sent out to direct-mail marketing coupon packages in all the zip codes within a 10 mile radius. Each time we did this we got new customers and those customers once satisfy gave us referrals and helped us with word-of-mouth advertising.

This is why I recommend direct mail marketing and those little coupon books you see that are sent out as a good way to market an auto detail shop or an aftermarket auto accessory business. Please consider this in 2006.

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The Offline Arbitrage System Evaluated for The Online Marketer

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In the past three or so years, many online marketers have more and more realized the worth of using offline marketing techniques. You can very proficiently take advantage of direct mail for growing your leads, optins and other distinct uses. You could possibly be surprised to learn how easy it is to produce your own email list. There exists room for just about any kind of budget, but naturally venturing out small will take longer. Offline Arbitrage was designed by Luke Jaten and Ryan Deiss, and they demonstrate how to create your own base of leads using direct mail. We encourage you to avoid feeling intimidated by the words, direct mail, and it truly is something any enthusiastic online marketer can do.

The bulk of the program work occurs in the CDs that consist of the ten teaching modules. Luke and Ryan introduce you to direct mail, given that most online marketers are not really acquainted with it, and then they go deeper into the material. There are particular parts of direct mail that you won’t have to contend with as they have nothing to do with Offline Arbitrage. Or, what you plan to do and what you are marketing. If you have ever been told that direct mail is expensive, that is partly true but is not the complete story.

This is an intriguing approach because you simply drive leads, from lists, to your online squeeze page, and then you can profit from them in a number of distinct ways. Offline Arbitrage takes advantage of the unbelievably huge and vast numbers of people on lead lists. This entire industry is particularly well set up and has been for a lot of decades. Ryan and Luke will walk you through how you can do this approach. This area of marketing is related to others since it is relatively easy to comprehend once you see how it all works. The key of this system entails postcard mailings which are probably the lowest cost form of direct mail.

If you’ve been around a while, then you have certainly seen other programs that use the idea of arbitrage. This is a multi-step strategy in which you purchase names/addresses, and then you mail them a postcard using direct mail. We would always recommend that you do a evaluation mailing to see your final results. The second stage of this process is where your online marketing skills will be able to shine. You simply drive prospects to your squeeze page where you can get their contact details. That part is just like constructing a list on the net which will be familiar territory for you.

Needless to say, what we have discussed so far has been just an introduction. Ryan and Luke will demonstrate you what is essential to know about as it concerns direct mail and how it is done. They will show you how to design your postcards for maximum response. In addition to that, what is significant is you will see how to select the best lists to go along with your industry and offer.

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Direct Market Access – The Best Way to Get Success

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An Overview

The direct market access is an electronic facility. These facilities are basically supplied by the independent firms. These firms basically allow purchasing the side firms in order to get liquidity security. These side firms are the customers of the selling firms. These selling firms are the banks and the brokers that are playing the role of the market makers. The firm that buys would still utilize the infrastructure of the selling firms. However they have full control over the execution of the trade. Direct market access allows the trade at low cost. As the processes are totally electronic so the chances of errors gets negligible. These executions are fast so there is chance for the traders to utilize this opportunity and take advantage of it.

The direct market trading basically enables the traders to trade without the hindrance of any broker. These DMA are used by the investors to enhance the control over the trades. This is just to remove the middle man. However, the middleman is not been eliminated completely as there services are still needed. The very first benefit that DMA provides is that it allows trading within the spread. Generally when the price is quoted by the broker and is placed as 420-425. This means that one can purchase it at 425 but can sell it at 420. This difference of 5 points is known as spread. These DMA help you to deal within these spread to ensure great profits

Advantages Of Direct Market Access

Following are some advantages of the direct market access:

1.Provides Better equality.
2.Enhance visibility.
3.Prioritized the orders in respect to the price and trades.
4.Allows liquidity in central market.
5.Allows you to quote your own price.
6.Tiny Spreads.
7.You can also actively participate in auctions.
8.It also allows the traders to take active part in the post and per market auctions.

These DMA are very beneficial and are of great advantage. These DMA offers transparency in the market. All the trades in the market become quite visible and clear. This means that you can get a straight deal without the involvement of any middleman.

You will be highly benefited by the DMA as they will allow you to view each and every order. This allows you to have a look on every selling and purchasing of the orders. With the help of these DMA you will be able to make a well informed and proper decision.

This was all about the Direct Market Access. Hope that this article would have provided you with all the essentials you needed about the Direct Market Access.

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7 Traits of Super Successful Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

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So here’s how it goes: If you want to be successful, you need to do what successful people are doing. Yep, that’s it. It’s no great secret, yet so many people still don’t seem to get it. Consider success like a recipe; if you follow a recipe step by step, you should get the same result as the person who wrote it.

I have been fortunate enough to spend time with some of the best network marketers in the USA, and I made some very interesting observations about the common traits of these dynamic and successful people.

While this list could easily be 77 or even 177 traits, I wanted to share with you what I discovered to be the highest common factors that made these network marketers so successful. While you will undoubtedly see an improvement in your business (and your life) if you possess even some of these traits, to truly achieve massive success you should work on attaining all of the attributes outlined below:

Integrity. All of the top network marketers have the highest level of absolute integrity, and this one characteristic makes all the other traits possible. Integrity instills trust, and trust builds strong relationships, which are vital to success in network marketing. Integrity can be defined as doing the right thing, even when no-one is watching.

Outstanding Communicators. As a network marketer you are in the business of interacting with people, so it’s no surprise that excellent communications skills are vital to your success. Communication is a two way process and you should master the art of speaking as well as listening. I believe that (really) listening is the single most effective way to build rapport, as you allow the person speaking to feel that they are valued and appreciated.

Visionaries. This is the ability to see things before they happen. Ok, so naturally you don’t need to be able to predict the future, but what you must have is a vision of what you want the future to look like to you. The successful do this through goal setting and visualization exercises. As the leader of a team, you must learn to inspire yourself and the people around you. Your team will value a leader with strong ideas and a clear picture of what’s ahead, who can inspire them with that vision.

Action Takers. The strongest leaders in every organization will always take action and make timely decisions. Right or wrong, they will always move forward rather than hesitating or standing still. No success is ever attained or lessons ever learned by doing nothing.

Positive Attitude. This may be an overused term but the fact remains that a positive attitude can, and will, open new doors for you every day. A negative attitude is so damaging and will severely limit the opportunities available to you. Consider this, nobody enjoys listening to someone who whines about everything and everyone, do they? A positive attitude will open your mind to new ideas and allow you to develop great relationships with positive, action taking people. Many of life’s blessings and the most powerful lessons are usually hiding beneath what we consider to be problems or challenges. A positive attitude will allow you to seek out the blessing in every situation.

Attractive to Others. No, I’m not suggesting that you need to look like a supermodel. This is about what and who you attract into your life. A great network marketer is the kind of person that other people genuinely enjoy being around. They are likeable, humble and are team players. It all comes back to the ability to build rapport, which is done by showing a genuine interest in others (remember the tip about really listening).

Self Educators. Successful people take the time to study and learn what is necessary to improve their skills – and they genuinely enjoy the process. They are always open to ideas, suggestions, solutions, new information and change, rather than closed-mindedly believing that they already know everything. The flip side to this is that they also become teachers. They are happy and willing to share the lessons they have learnt in order to grow others. Be hungry for knowledge; read self development books, listen to audio programs, attend seminars and then share all of this with your team to help them grow too.

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