Why is gin such a popular drink?

Gin is a flavoured spirit that is made by distilling botanicals and flavoured with juniper berries. The resulting spirit has a distinct taste, which can be attributed to its strong juniper notes. This earthy and slightly bitter profile makes it an excellent addition to cocktails but also stands out on its own as well (try out Old Bakery Gin and you will know what we are talking about!). Gin’s unique flavour can become addictive if you’re not careful.

One of the reasons for gin’s popularity among drinkers around the world is because there are so many types available today compared to just several decades ago when only one type existed. These days, new gins appear all the time thanks in part to craft distilleries popping up everywhere from New York to London to even countries such as Japan. Craft gin is made in small batches by craft distillers who employ artisanal production methods like using fresh botanicals, unique stills or even barrel-aging. These gins are typically not as strong as London Dry Gin which means they tend to have more of a flavour profile that comes through the spirit compared to dry gin’s characteristic juniper notes.

Whether you are a gin lover from way back when or just trying out these new flavours, craft gin is the way to go, rich in flavour, aroma and complexity, as well as versatility and ease of drinkability.

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